What Pastors are saying

Pastor Allen Speegle, Family Bible Church, Eustis Fl

I travel to Africa a couple of times every year to hold leadership conferences, and every time I go and no matter what region I’m in, without fail leaders will come to me and say, “The first time I heard the message of grace and peace, it was through Ed Elliott.” Ed and Laurie left a HUGE footprint and influence in Africa that has spread and is still spreading across the entire continent. I know of no one that has had more influence in spreading the Gospel of grace and peace, in Africa than them. They may have physically relocated back to the states, but their ministry still thrives through others in Africa, and the same thing is now happening in Vietnam and other places around the world.

Pastor Walker Schurz, Miracle Life Family Church, Lusaka, Zambia

My wife Haley and I have lived and ministered in Africa since 1994. We currently pastor a church of over 3,000 people in Lusaka, Zambia, minister to church leaders through conferences and are starting a Bible School in the coming months. When I look at our lives and where God has led us, we are amazed at what we are doing in His kingdom.

I truly believe we would not be where we are today in our personal lives, family and ministry had it not been for the influence of Ed and Laurie Elliott. I met Ed and Laurie in 1992 and moved with our young family to South Africa 1994 to serve in their ministry. For the next six years, Ed and Laurie poured into our young, immature and inexperienced lives and raised us in life and ministry.

From Ed and Laurie, I learned how to value my wife and children and make them a priority. I watched how they treated people of all social, ethnic and economic backgrounds with love and dignity. My life was truly transformed by their teaching and insight into God’s word, but far more by their love and belief in me. I watched in amazement as God healed the sick, saved the sinner and restored the broken through their ministry.

I thank God that we were allowed to have the formative years of our ministry with Ed and Laurie. These years were truly the golden years of our lives and my wife and I owe them a great debt that we can never repay. We only hope to touch the lives of multitudes here in Africa with the same love we witnessed in their lives. I recommend their ministry without hesitation and know that it will continue to touch people all around the world.

Pastor, John Nuzzo, Victory Christian Fellowship, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, USA.

“We had Ed for a “Power for Living” Conference. The results in the life of our people were staggering. The message of the love of God and the anointing upon Ed to minister it will change the lives of the hearers. Get ready for a fresh look at the God “you think” you know. The scripture says, “He that loves not, knows not God.” You will be astounded at the clarity and power this conference will bring within your church, ministry and life. To quote a young man in my church, “Pastor, I don’t know where I would be today if it weren’t for Ed Elliott meetings. The message changed everything for me! I can testify to that truth in his life, the lives of my congregation and specifically, my own.”

James B. Richards Ph.D., Th.D

Ed Elliot is one of the most persuasive ministers of the Gospel I have ever known. His persuasiveness is the effects of some combined factors: He has experience where others just have theory; he has lived this Gospel not just talked about it; He is ever seeking to grow in God; He ministers from Kingdom priorities; he is effective at using humor; and he connects with people. I wish there were a thousand Ed Elliott’s, we could conquer the world for Jesus!

Rev Tom Boyd, Dean Charis Bible College, Atlanta Ga.

Brother Ed Elliott ministers the love of God like no other. His thorough expose' and study of the life of Jesus and how Jesus ministered to individuals and the masses, including the Pharisees, brings great clarity and understanding to the nature and very heart of God. The hearer will walk away with priceless confidence in their relationship with God as their understanding of the love of God will become more fruitful.

Reverend Ray McCauley (Rhema Bible Church, Johannesburg)

“Ed has been a great blessing to us at Rhema Bible church as well as our Bible School. The message of love is of primary importance. Ed as an evangelist for many years in South Africa has shown great integrity, effectiveness and a real heart for people.”

Peter McHugh, Senior Minister, Christian City Church, Whitehorse

“The extended visit of Ed Elliott in November returned us to a place where we first encountered the extravagant love of God. Through insightful teaching and the ability to breathe new life and meaning into well known stories from the Bible, Ed took us on a 10 day journey of rediscovery.

We rediscovered the totally undeserved, unshakable, unyielding, unbreakable, unending love God has for each of us. We learned that God’s love was not an abstract Christian concept to be applied generally to our lives but a personal individual contact God sealed with us when Jesus went to the cross. We discovered we are totally unable to love other people until we have a revelation of how much God loves us.

We have never run a series of meetings over such a long period of time. It must be said that prior to the event there were some who doubted we could sustain interest for that period. In fact later we discovered Ed himself was initially challenged by the time span! For those who were able to attend all ten days it was clear there was no need to worry. Ed drew us closer and closer each night to the heart of God for us. He showed us how works could not make God loves us more, how our mistakes could not make him love us less. Some came initially for one night but were drawn back for more. Ed delivered his message in a most conversational, laid back style. No hype or glitz and glamour, just the heart of ONE poured out through the heart of another. Oh, and there were plenty of jokes and funny stories. Laughter came easy and often: not just polite titters but full bodied, from your boots, stop – my stomach hurts type laughter. On the final night there was barely a seat left in the house and it had nothing to do with the strawberries and cream served before the meeting!

Pastor Shaun Foster (New South Wales Director, C3i)

“Ed Elliott is the best speaker on understanding and receiving grace I have ever heard!

Pastor Alun Davies (State President, Assemblies of God, Victoria)

“Ed has had a significant impact in our Church. He ministers with authority and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. His ministry builds faith and challenges towards maturity and growth. Ed is a man of integrity and with a significant ministry to many thousands of people.”

Pastor At Boschoff, Christian Revival Church, Bloemfontein, South Africa

“Evangelist Ed Elliott held a Power for Living Conference in our church. Ed’s teaching on the Love and Mercy of God has brought fresh revelation and insight to many in this area. Many people testified for the first time they’ve experienced God’s love for them. I believe Ed’s teaching on Love is one of the key missing ingredients that will mobilize the entire church to reach the lost. People that have never experienced love and mercy will never be able to give it. Ed’s teaching draws people to the Father helping them feel secure in His love and comprehending that there is nothing in this world that can separate them from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus. 1 John 4:19 “We love him because He first loved us.” There are so many people in the body of Christ, some have fallen, some have been hurt and others disappointed. An understanding of God’s love will cause them to be healed and to be part of the family again. People become rooted and grounded in the love of Jesus therefore the need for deliverance becomes less.
I strongly recommend Ed’s POWER FOR LIVING CONFENCES.

Pastor Ian Kruitoff (Senior Minister, Frankston Community Church)

“Ed Elliott is good for the church. He lifts people, helping them to experience God’s love and walk taller. He’s a breath of fresh air.”

Pastor Steve Barry, Christian Family Church, Jupiter Fl.

I was personally impacted by the conference and since found that my ministry has been greatly influenced by a greater understanding of the love and goodness of God. It was a tremendous blessing to our church and we continually hear reports from our members of how the teaching of God’s love and mercy changed lives.