About Us

Word of Life World Outreach is a mission organization dedicated and committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Word of God around the world. It was founded by Ed & Laurie Elliott in 1984.

Ed and Laurie Elliott have been involved with world missions for over twenty-five years, sixteen were spent living and working in Africa. During that time they have had the privilege of seeing over three million people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Working with the local pastors, they were very instrumental in the planting of churches throughout Southern and Central Africa. They have helped train thousands of pastors and evangelists to do the work of the ministry through teaching and training conferences and seminars. Many of these conferences and seminars were held in remote areas where the ministers would not have otherwise had the opportunity for training and “hands on” help.

They have organized and held some of the largest gospel crusades ever held in Southern Africa and are knowledgeable about the countries and challenges facing missionaries in that part of the world. Today, their main mission focus is Southern and Central Africa and Asia, primarily the countries of Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Cambodia.

For the past 11 years, WOLWO has been working with the underground church in Vietnam and recently Ed started working with the underground church in Laos. Through these relationships, a trust has been established that has been very instrumental in opening opportunities to spread the gospel in those nations and other parts of Asia. They have pioneered, trained leaders and evangelized in closed countries closed to the gospel. The pioneering teams they have trained today, plant new churches and evangelize all over Vietnam and Laos.

WOLWO has a multi-purpose plan to help plant churches; train pastors and a micro-economic plan to help and assist local pastors achieve economic freedom. Built upon previous experience and success, WOLWO also has a proven strategy to help plant one hundred new churches a year across Vietnam.